About Us

Celebrating Outdoor Spaces

At Atmosphere Landscapes, we believe that our job is part of a holistic process. A creative relationship between client, landscaper, and landscape. With an eye for detail and a passion for hard work, we work together with our clients to ensure that every aspect of their desire for their outdoor space comes to life.

We specialize in Garden Design services, collaborating with our clients to best express their unique and personal vision for their property. When you work with us, you can expect reliability, timeliness and exceptional work.

A newly formed Landscaping Service, we specialize in lush, green spaces that are enjoyed by all. Our expert team is like a family, each bringing their unique skills into what they do. From residential to commercial spaces, we approach each project with love and care.


Peter Cowan

Director /Design Project Manager

Designing and building your perfect garden, Pete will be with you throughout your garden transformation. Working in tandem with Alex and Tom the team will achieve the highest quality. Being very approachable, respectable, and determined. Pete offers reliable professional attributes to the team.

Alex McMullan

Director /Landscape Engineer

With an eye for detail Alex uses his driven personality to ensure that the vision of the project is completed. With his strongest attributes of woodwork and paving Alex can turn the designs from Peter into a reality. Alex is a motivated team player with a desire to achieve.

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Thomas Smith

Director /Landscape Engineer

Building and implementing, Thomas will turn his hand to anything thrown at him, Tom’s gentle meticulous approach ensure that the finer attention to detail will not be missed. Tom has the ability to work at an unprecedented rate, putting his all into every project that we have done. Tom is a dedicated and valued team member.